Kalos Information Systems develops infrastructure solutions that connect devices, systems, and people in a secure manner using open standards. We are an international software company headquartered in Oslo, Norway.

The Job

Our core expertise includes:

  • Data privacy
  • Secure, distributed large-scale communication platforms
  • Bus and protocol integration

We favor open standards and protocols. Our solutions allow users to own their data and developers to connect and build what they need. Common applications of our technology include security solutions, welfare technology, and smart homes, but the opportunities are endless.

Most of our time is spent developing our own solutions, but we also have a highly skilled team dedicated to R&D Services within the field of IoT.

The Kalos engineering team has developed and pushed the boundaries for IoT solutions for more than 20 years. We value research and innovation and maintain strong connections with the academic community. See our research projects and partners.

The Team

We’d like you to meet the entire Kalos team.

The Owners

Kalos Information Systems is owned by the following companies.

Connected Technology Systems, Inc

CTS is a leading provider of network products and solutions. Connected Technology Systems, Inc is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, and has offices in Japan, India, Sweden, Austria, and the USA.

Eye Networks AS

Eye Networks specializes in pre-qualified network and IoT solutions for demanding customers, predominantly within the field of telecommunications. Eye Networks AS is co-located with Kalos Information Systems in Oslo, Norway.

ThingsMaze Solutions SRL

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ThingsMaze Solutions SRL is an investment company based in Romania.